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Postby vastyr » 16 Nov 2016, 13:08


Neptune Flux

Genre: Adventure, Exploration
Works on: Windows (7, 8, 10)
Languages: Audio and text: English
Modes: single-player - controller support
Released: 15 November, 2016
Size: 305 MB
Company: Zoxide Games
Store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/378700/

About Neptune Flux is a story-driven, open world adventure game set in a sci-fi ocean full of
mystery and haunting beauty. The world above the water is a dust bowl and an escape into space is
out of reach. Humanity's last hope of survival is the untouched ecosystem of the deep sea, and
A.Q.U.A. is the worldwide market leader in underwater colonization. In Neptune Flux, you take on
the role of Sarah, an A.Q.U.A. employee tasked with finding the source of strange energy surges
that are disrupting A.Q.U.A. operations. As you carry out A.Q.U.A. missions and explore the sea
floor, you’ll discover the dark secrets that lurk below.


In the deep sea there’s no natural sunlight, but every A.Q.U.A. dive pod comes equipped to see in
the dark. Tools like flood lights and flares illuminate nearby areas, while more advanced gear like
visual sonar can cut through the deep sea fog and highlight distant objects. Earn cash by recovering
treasure and reporting lost wreck sites to A.Q.U.A. Invest your earnings into dive pod upgrades to
increase your effectiveness as an explorer.


Working for A.Q.U.A. means being in the dark, literally and figuratively. Sarah has learned to stop
asking questions about her missions, but when her assignments become increasingly unusual, she begins
her quest to learn the truth. Discover an open ocean filled with sci-fi wonder and supernatural secrets.
Experience the personal story of Sarah's struggle to survive in a world that might be beyond saving.


Neptune Flux can be played with or without a VR headset, but if you're chasing that feeling of VR
'presence', this game is for you. Strap on a headset like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, grab your
favorite gamepad, and get lost in a fully realized world. Look around the humble interior of Sarah's
dive pod and hear her snarky comments. See the huge scale of wreck sites in stunning stereoscopic 3D.
Listen to professionally mastered positional audio and hear everything - from creaking wooden ships to
percolating bubbles - in remarkable clarity.
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